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Witch Fashion

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? Whether you cast a circle of white light or delve into the dark mysteries of a black magick grimoire, amp up the drama with our witchcraft fashion. At RebelsMarket we stock incredible indie designers, and we only offer the most original alternative fashion. High-end quality comes at affordable prices, and here you can shop for flowing dresses, bell sleeves, contemporary takes on velvet and lace, as well as towering heels that match every,  look perfectly. If you’re looking for full witch costumes or just witchcraft inspired outfits, you will find a huge selection of outfits to make your look bewitching.

Up the ante at the witching hour with witchcraft clothing. Lily Munster is a kitsch witch queen and when she wore a cape made from green velvet coffin lining we were taking notes. That’s why you’ll find swallow tail coats, cloaks with deep pointed hoods and sharp velvet blazers. They will keep you feeling warm and looking dead cool. 

All the best witchy looks start with a dress. Black or white, with a skin-tight wiggle skirt like Morticia Addams, or teeming layers and medieval lacing like the Sanderson Sisters, scroll down to our collection and find the iconic dress for any ritual under the moon. 

Embrace the dark arts with punk and goth clothing, and shop for witch outfits that invoke occult symbolism like pentacles, skulls, inverted crosses, Ouija planchettes and alchemical symbols. Keep it light and let your inner white witch shine with bohemian dresses, folk embroidery and layers of lace. Why not complete your magical transformation with one of our synthetic wigs?

As if by magic, we have collected all the best witch fashion in one place. Say the sacred spell “add to cart” and buy good and bad witch outfits here. We ship worldwide.


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Good or Bad Witch: How to Rock Witchy Fashion

Vamp up any outfit with occult images. With the right pins and patches on your leather jacket, it’s possible to sneak witchcraft inspiration into an everyday look. Edge, instantly. Team super black skinnies with knife-sharp pointed shoes. Add a screen printed shirt, and you’ve got a rock and roll look that smacks of the esoteric. Keep it dark with Egyptian hieroglyphics, pentacles and rams heads, or lighten up with your favourite Disney witch. Witch, please?

Be about the right kind of drama and dress like a witch every damn day. Keep it gothic and stick to black or add a single colour theme. Choose clothes with ribbons and studs. Footwear should have stacked platform soles and plenty of hard wear. Choose fine knits, or distressed samples with web like runs, and layer them over sheer fabrics and silk for a textural look. A belt will cinch the waist and add structure to your witch outfit. If you’re a bad witch you might dare to flaunt a devilish design, or chose accessories that don’t shy away from the number of the beast.

White witches draw tarot cards to illuminate the shadow in the psyche. They smudge sage to cleanse spaces. They cast enchantments to protect and heal. Any good witch clothing look should nod to our Great Mother Stevie Nicks for inspiration. Work high-waisted jeans or tiered skirts with floaty chiffon kimonos and tons and tons of fringing. If you’re feeling really bold, a head scarf or even a top hat would level up this vintage inspired look.

The duster jacket, or kimono trend is here to stay. You can find black lace versions or pretty, feminine types in folksy florals here. Teaming one of these flowing jackets with an embroidered waistcoat will take your white witchcraft outfit to the next season and beyond. Modern witch clothing never looked so good.