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Burlesque Bustiers & Corsets

Our burlesque bustiers & corsets  tops are one word: Sexy. This historical item of clothing will add the 'Bust" back in your life. They are smoldering hot and for the adventurous! They curve and shape the feminine body so intricately, you will be amazed at how sexy your body will look. Always looking glamorous and sexy is the idea behind this sultry lingerie. Our burlesque lingerie are available with fabrics that make them strong and spectacular but still wearable. So shop through our carefully selected options for our rebellious ladies, only on Rebels Market and have them shipped straight to you. 


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About Burlesque Bustiers and Corsets Tops

They are designed to bring out a sexy and naughty world of burlesque. The Corset is inspired by petticoats, corsets, panties, and bustiers. These were put together to come up with the bustier and corset. They have been known that when properly laced, your waist is brought in by four to five inches. Corsets are mainly designed to enhance and accentuate your figure. If you have a full figure try and opt for something that is steel boned. Plus size corsets also do offer a perfect level of support and will still be able show off your assets beautifully. The corsets can either be bought individually or sometimes paired with a skirt or ruffle pants. The best burlesque outfit entirely depends on how you choose to accessorize it to bring out you desired fashion sense. You may also choose to include some glamour eyelashes and stockings, but be sure to buy a corset that has suspender loops so as to easily complement your naughty look. Happy Shopping.