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Gothic Cross With Red Gem Center Charm Dangle Barbell
Verified Purchase

This earing didn't fit the way the picture displays it at all. What I got is something that looks like it's a tongue ring, not an earing so ya not too happy with it.

November 05, 2019
United States
Five Linked Skulls Non Piercing Septum Hanger Steel Color
Verified Purchase

This was honestly a gift from above because my parents don't approve of piercings. Now I can wear it whenever I want without having to worry too much about that.

The only problem I had when putting this on was that it was wide, so my friend squeezed it to tighten it up some. Other than that this product is perfect! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have a septum pierce but cannot get one for whatever reason. On top of that, shipping was fast and on time, very reliable. c:

March 15, 2016
United States