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Devious Fetish and Bondage Shoes

Say hello to your new favorite fetish shoes for play time with Devious fetish footwear from Pleaser USA.

Pleaser USA was founded in 1993 and has since become a leader in footwear for subculture fashion and alternative style. Based in Southern California, Pleaser USA has a wide selection of alternative footwear of all types across several different brands, including Devious.

The Devious brand specializes in shoes for the kink and BDSM community. In Devious’s lineup of fetish heels and boots, you’ll find a huge variety of kinky and sexy shoes and boots to fit any scene and type of play, whether you’re a top, bottom, switch, or something else.

Whether shoes or feet are your thing, or you just like the extra element that fetish shoes add to your scenes, Devious and RebelsMarket have you covered.

Fetish spike heels are perfect for perfect for both scenes and everyday wear, especially for those in a 24/7 power exchange relationship. A powerful dominatrix can wear a pair to exert her authority, while a submissive may wear them because of spike heels’ feminine sex appeal is attractive to her or her dominant.

Tall enough heels, especially with ballerina shoes and boots, another favorite among kink and BDSM community members, can event limit mobility by forcing the wearer to take smaller steps.

Dominant play partners wearing these heels may enjoy using this as an excuse to order their submissive to do things, while this limitation may also reinforce the position of the submissive when worn by the less dominant play partner.

And, of course, tall heels can always come in handy as a tie point or wrap point for bondage and role play.

No matter what your role is or what type of play you enjoy, you can get the perfect footwear for it from Devious by Pleaser USA, right here on RebelsMarket.

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Devious Fetish Footwear

With Devious fetish and bondage shoes from RebelsMarket, you can be the envy of your favorite dungeon or just impress your play partner in private, whether you’re in a 24/7 power exchange relationship or prefer to reserve your dynamic for the bedroom.

Our wide selection of fetish shoes from Devious includes kinky and sexy shoes and boots of all kinds.

Looking for fetish spike heels? Shop our selection of sandals, pumps, and boots, ranging in height from ankle to over the knee. For an extra dose of sexiness, select on option with a steel heel.

We also have tons of ballerina shoe options, ranging from mary jane, ankle strap, and lace up pumps to ankle boots and all the way up to over the knee ballet boots.

Looking for the height without the mobility limitations? Devious’s selection of platform fetish heels and boots at RebelsMarket includes everything from pumps with hidden platforms, platform sandals, platform boots, and more. And with platform heights up to 4 ¼ inches, you can get whatever height you desire.

And don’t forget to pick up other fetish apparel at RebelsMarket as well! We have a wide selection of fetish and bondage apparel, including body harnesses, collars, and corsets. We even have ample options in our collections for both latex fetishists and leather lovers.

RebelsMarket is proud to be able to carry plenty of badass alternative brands like Devious and other Pleaser USA brands, like Pin Up Couture, Demonia, and Funtasma, and we love being able to carry items that appeal to fetishists and kinksters, among many other cultures and alternative lifestyles and fashions.

We also ship worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing that RebelsMarket has you covered no matter where you live. Shop Devious at RebelsMarket now!