Why Every Man Needs A Tailored Blazer

Why Every Man Needs A Tailored Blazer

In today's episode of What Every Guy Needs To Own, we're going to go over different occasions that a tailored blazer is appropriate (and kinda necessary) to have in your wardrobe.

While suits can be a bit pricey, there are always sale opportunities to take advantage of that will get you more bang for your buck. Having your newly purchased blazer tailored will keep your whole ensemble perfectly fitted to your individual body. Our main reason why you should own a form fitting jacket? You'll look amazing and feel confident, too! Let's get into all of the occasions that a blazer is perfect for.


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Job Interviews

We'll state the obvious here, one of the most common needs for a well cut blazer or suit in general is when you go for a job interview! It's key to give a great first impression to your potential employer by dressing the part. Wear a dark toned suit, like black or navy, paired with a button down dress shirt and a unique tie.  


Formal events

Weddings, prom, running for President, going to the opera... all perfectly good reasons to wear a blazer- suit combo. Be prepared to fake smile when your family members compliment how grown up you look, though. For a formal event, layer a patterned suit vest over a dress shirt, and top it all off with a blazer. Take a different approach to the classic black jacket by wearing colors like brown, navy, white, or gray instead.


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Whether you're going for an everyday work look or dressing up for casual Friday's, a blazer will keep your outfit looking sharp and put together. Pair your jacket with khaki or black pants, a collared shirt, and oxford shoes for the perfect office attire. As an alternative to a typical solid tie, switch it up with a patterned bow tie and add unique details by clipping on skull cuff links.


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School Uniform

If you're in the predicament of having to wear school uniforms, a fitted blazer is a need. It'll go along with any mandatory wardrobe that you'll have to wear and impress your teachers (maybe so much that they bump you up to Dean's List?) You can get around the tediousness of school uniforms by changing up your shoes, hairstyle, type of tie, and other accessories like watches. Go from one day to the next by swapping your messy hair to a slick, combed back pompadour and change out your matte black watch for a metallic, gold one.


Blazers are an easy way to dress up your wardrobe. pinterest


Just Because

We've covered situations where you would need to wear a suit jacket, but what we haven't mentioned is simply wanting to wear one, just because. Switching out your oversized hoodie or casual jacket for a blazer will change the feel of your outfit instantaneously and give off a professional and sophisticated vibe. Go for a city feel with skinny black jeans, a flannel or t-shirt, and a neutral colored dress coat. For a more rugged style, wear combat boots or chukka boots instead of your crisp, clean oxfords.


Blazers do not have to be old fashioned. Justin O'Shea Milan's Streetstyle


When is your favorite occasion to wear a tailored blazer? Let us know in the comments below!


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