Top 4 Day Of the Dead Skull Bags And Purses Stores At RebelsMarket

Top 4 Day Of the Dead Skull Bags And Purses Stores At RebelsMarket

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and in other areas (Brazil, Spain, and in some parts of Europe), to honor the dead. Every year on 1-2 November, families gather around the tombs of their deceased loved ones to eat, drink, dance and share memories. Families decorate the graves with flowers and offerings, and there are parades and stalls and public services. There's even a tradition of writing special poems (called Calaveras) that read like joking epitaphs of friends.

The skull (calavera) is the symbol of Dia de los Muertos, and skulls feature prominently in the decorations, food and attire on the festival. Skull masks, candies, cookies and toys are painted white and decorated with flowers, swirls, dots and geometric designs. White skulls made of sugar paste (called sugar skulls) are a popular treat.

It's no surprise that Dia de los Muertos has been adopted by the gothic subculture. The festival occurs immediately after Halloween, and its themes of celebrating the lives of those that have passed resonate with the gothic and alternative subcultures. The sugar skull imagery is a popular feature on gothic clothing and accessories.

A Dia de los Muertos handbag or purse is a great accessory, adding that final touch to a gothic or rockabilly wardrobe. The sugar skull fabric patterns are whimsical and gothic, without being macabre. And Day of the Dead purses often incorporate flowers or other elements that add further feminine touches.

Here are some of our favorite Day of the Dead skull handbags and purses from RebelsMarket stores:

1. Exy Arnette Purses and Bags Store

Clockwise: Rockabilly Day Dead Calavera Handbag Purse

 These beautiful  and colorful day of the dead inspired skull bags feature Alexander Henry's "Estrella de los Muertos" fabric on a tea background. Fully lined in black canvas with a sturdy kisslock snap frame and closure, these purses are both rugged and feminine. Fleece interfacing holds the shape, and a detachable silk flower and sugar skull charm complete the look.

I love the round wooden handle on these cute Day of the Dead purses! Skeletons and sugar skulls dance across your vision on this Alexander Henry "Los Novios" print. Can you spot the Day of the Dead Bride on the hanbag purse? A detachable white silk rose further enhances this bright and colorful design, and a zebra-print duck canvas lining to keep your valuables safe.

2. The Collectors Store

Clockwise: Handmade "I Scream For Sugar Skulls" Messenger Bag,  Handmade Virgin De Guadalupe Aztec Tattoo Messenger Bag, Handmade "Papel Picado" Rockabilly Messenger Bag, Handmade Tattoo Art "Skulls & Roses" Messenger Bag

Don't you just love the bright colors and jaunty expressions on these The Collectors sugar skull messenger bags? The straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit and at 14 inches in length and 10.5 inches high. They are big enough to store all your treasures. Lined with bright colour cotton, these bags include a side pocket (perfect for a thermos or water bottle) and three interior pockets.

3. Canary Created Store

Clockwise: Sugar Skull Purse Multi, Merlot Vinyl, Faux Leather Black Cross Body purse, Sugar Skull Purse Blue Tattoo, Brown Vinyl, Zen Charmer Purse Multi Over Shoulder Purse

Canary Created design cross-body style skull purses made from faux leather and Alexander Henry Contigo Day of the Dead Tattoo fabric. Study enough to take the hard knocks of everyday life and keep your essential items safe. Lined and double-stitched for sturdier construction. Machine-quilting on the flap of these bags further enhance the bold sugar skull design.

4. Stuff of the Dead Store

Clockwise: Day Dead Ouija Board Hand Bag , Ouija Skull Handbag Stripes, Day Dead Posada Inspired Messenger Bag, Day Dead Large Hand Bag

If you are into Ouija boards, then these skull bags are for you. These Stuff of the dead store bags are inspired of the day of the dead thus the skull designs on the bags. Their gorgeous designs feature sugar skulls containing series of slots and compartments for your cards and money. The secure closure on the bags keeps everything safe. I love the boldness of this geometric, monochrome design – fusing sugar skull designs with a more modern aesthetic. This bag is perfect for carrying your shopping – and will really turn heads at the supermarket!

What are your favorite sugar skull handbags, purses and other products? Do you have any Day of the Dead Products? Comment below.