Top 20 Steampunk Jewellery Pieces For Men

Top 20 Steampunk Jewellery Pieces For Men

Steampunk jewellery for men incorporates many bold, rustic, sturdy and mystical designs. These pieces compliment leather, metal and wood as well as adding a sophisticated costume element of steampunk to a business suit or casual outfit. Men’s jewellery is simple and sophisticated, functional and classic.

Take a look at the impressive range of men’s steampunk jewellery pieces available on rebelsmarket:

1. Watch cog cufflinks

cog cufflinks

Vintage rectangular watch movements form the focal point of these steampunk cufflinks. Perfect for giving a steampunk twist to a classic suit or workplace outfit.

2. Dragon Eye Broach Pendant

steampunk mens broach

Suitably masculine, this dragon’s eye looks right back at you. Add a steampunk broach to your coat lapel for a great costume accessory.

3. Gothic skull eye patch

gothic eye patch

This red and metallic jolly roger is a perfect costume piece. Fun and funky, wear this pirate eye custom patch at your next steampunk party!

4. Large Agate Bracelet

agate bracelet

This beautiful agate bracelet is large, bold and sophisticated and features characteristic steampunk metal cogs.

5. Hermatite Necklace

hermatite necklace

This masculine hermatite necklace is rectangular, and features silver and copper plating with a hermatite stone set in the centre. Impressive and bold.

6. Simple Moustache Pendant

steampunk pendant

This Victorian style moustache pendant is perfect for a man who wants his jewellery to be understated.

7. Gold Beetle Tie Clip

gold beetle tie clip

This golden beetle is an Egyptian design and is an eye-catching piece to hold a tie in place.

8. Steampunk Octopus Pocket Watch

steampunk octopus pocket watch

For brave men who adore Cthulu. Get this octopus pocket watch here.

9. Steampunk Ring

steampunk ring

Adorned with gears and watch parts, this unique steampunk ring is set with a recycled watch back piece encased in clear resin.

10. Gothic pendant

bird skull pendant

A man can't go wrong with this stunning pendant - a bird skull surrounded by spikes. Totally decadent and badass.

11. Steampunk Cog Cufflinks

steampunk cog cufflinks

A twist on the cufflink by the talented designer JPHii. These steampunk cufflinks would make a great wedding gift for a funky groom.

12. Bronze ring

steampunk ring

A black and bronze men’s ring that is basic, yet sophisticated.

13. Poison Ring

poison label ring

This poison label ring dares you to take him on.

14. Buckle-bling

cog belt buckle chain

Gears of various sizes and metals are suspended from an aged brass ring from which dangles a small rhinestone. Hang this cog chain from your belt buckle. Wearable and cool.

15. Heavy duty men’s earrings

steampunk earrings

Steampunk cog earrings for men. Wear one or both - a bold but awesome accessory.

16. Crystal Cross Filigree Pin

octopus pin

An cross motif broach that is perfect to pin to a Victorian era suit.

17. Spooky human tooth necklace

spooky human tooth necklace

For daring men who love out-of-the-box pieces. This spooky human tooth necklace is perfect to wear as either costume jewellery or semi-regularly.

18. Antique Watch pendant

Antique watch pendant

This beautiful watch pendant is made from genuine vintage watch parts. For a more sophisticated look.

19. Steampunk brass leather goggles

Good quality leather goggles - A must-have steampunk accessory for cosplay and steampunk events.

20. Circuit board necklace

circuit board necklace

Combine the modern with the Victorian with this unique masculine circuit board necklace.

What are your must-have steampunk mens' accessories?