Risqué Alt Prom Looks that Won't Break Your Dress Code

Risqué Alt Prom Looks that Won't Break Your Dress Code

Image by Gioia De Antoniis

Dress codes are always all over the news around Prom season! Who would want to be refused entry for something as simple as an open backed dress? Since we’re all about rebelling, here are some risqué alt prom looks for you to try that won’t break your dress code, but will make an impact!

As always we recommend looking up your own school’s dress code for such events, as some schools go to extreme lengths when talking about prom.

Tighten those Corsets


Corsets – especially a Goth corset for those darker inclined - have always held certain, ahem, connotations which is why us alternative ladies love to rock them – they break taboos! If you’re worried a corset won’t fit your dress code, they look just as lovely layered with a blouse underneath. Whether that’s an off the shoulder long sleeved top or a button up blouse in true Victorian style.

Faux-Corset Lacing!

If corsets are a little out of your comfort zone or you’re a little more punk than an 18th Century lady, opt for corset style lacing instead. It adds a subtle Goth vibe, with the added implications of a corset and not to mention the metal grommets add a touch of fetish fashion! And that’s all done just by adding a little hardware and a ribbon tie! You’ll be rocking a sexy corset style look in no time and without the hassle of sucking yourself up into metal boning.


Speaking of corsets, chokers sit hand in hand on the “breaking the taboo” scale. But they are a simple way to draw a little risqué style to a look, without breaking any rules. You can find both elegant chokers or style a casual nineties choker for a more relaxed vibe.

Sheer it Up!

A little bit of sheer goes a long way. I know sheer fabrics are a definite no on most school’s dress codes, but a little in just the right places can change up the look of an outfit completely. Try layering a sheer dress over a something tighter. In the end if you’re properly covered up, you’ll meet the dress requirements.

And if your dress code is super strict, learn a little from the Victorians who say the ankles are the sexiest part of the body anyway!

Suit Up! Mean Girls Style

Being risqué doesn’t always mean dressing in a sexual manner. Sometimes it all about the shock factor. So, if sexy clothes aren’t your thing, take inspiration from Janis Ian the resident Goth girl of Mean Girls by rocking a suit. Even better if it’s in some funky colour, and bonus points if you go matching with your BFF!

Are you looking for a way to break the dress code this prom season, without missing out on the dance itself? What are your thoughts on dress codes themselves? It seems it’s all gotten a little out of hand with lots of schools banning everything from dresses with a fitted skirt, to showing off a little bit of shoulder! While you’re at it, let me know what your prom dress would look like if you could wear whatever you wanted.