Pucker Up! The top 5 Lip trends!

Pucker Up! The top 5 Lip trends!

Move over OPI and Essie: Lips are the new body canvas of choice. To create the artistic renderings below, you’re going to need more than lipstick and a healthy dose of patience. These designs can be so intricate they could even inspire another new fad: the don’t-fuck-up-your-lip-art diet.

Here are five lip art trends to try now — for a night out or just to show off on Instagram:

1: Ombre

Probably the tamest technique of the bunch, this style incorporates three main hues: a dark, medium, and light tone. You may remember ombre as the over-played hair trend that cost way too much money to achieve. But the good news is, it’s much more affordable for lips. Try a black lipstick and liner, a bold color like the purple above, and a highlighting crayon for the pouty center of your lips.

2. Bling

Grab all the rhinestone press-on tattoos you have left over from the 90’s, because there’s finally a new use for them. This method takes ultimate precision and technique: the best way to apply the stones is with a pair of tweezers, one by one. Consider putting on a matte lipstick in a bold color as a base, especially if the stones are transparent. Now that’s a dazzling smile — no orthodontia needed.

3. Edible

The one problem with lip art: you have to be uber careful when eating—except not when your lip adornments are the snack. Stroll down the baking aisle, grab some sprinkles, and get to work! Not sure about the lasting power of sprinkles? Neither are we. You can achieve the same effect with non-edible imitators, which won’t dissolve when adhered with lip gloss or leave food coloring stains on your pout. Just fight the urge to lick your lips when you look in the mirror.

4. Patterns

Everything from skulls to leopard print to stars can wallpaper your lips. There are two main ways to get the patterned lip effect: lip tattoos or by getting crafty with self-made patterns. Lip tattoos are easy to apply (with water) and remove (baby oil), plus they’re marketed to last four to eight hours and through a make-out session. If you go the self-made route, try something like the snake-skin effect with a piece of fish net, matte lipstick, and shimmery powder — or try this black light glitter to really tantalize.

5. Outside the lines

Warning: Do not attempt this unless you have artistic prowess.

Makeup artists — both professional and self-taught — are creating everything from eyeballs to American flags on their lips by using body paint and makeup. This is really using your lips as a canvas in the most literal sense, and many of the works of art we’ve seen even stretch onto the chin and cheeks.

Lip art is definitely a bold and edgy look and not for make-up amateurs. But, the best part is if you screw up, you can just wash it off and start over. Whichever trend you choose, don’t forget to take a picture of your final creation and give us a peek.

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