Places You Never Knew People Put Tattoos

Places You Never Knew People Put Tattoos

So you've got your back piece, your half sleeve, maybe even a rib piece and now you're ready to branch out and try something different. Sure you could go for a foot or a thigh, but why not try something a little more...unusual?

As Lidia Reyes, the most tattooed woman in Europe, has demonstrated in a recent interview with Vice - there is pretty much no part of your body that you can't tattoo.

And, as people are becoming more outgoing and adventurous in their placements, tattooers are stepping it up and trying new things to keep up with the demand for more weird and wonderful body modification. So, for your next piece, maybe consider a mouth tattoo? Armpit? How about your literal eyeball?

Here's a rundown of some of the more unconventional spots people are inking these days. Which ones would you try?


Inner Lip Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Inner Lip Tattoo

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Yep, inner lip tattoos are actually a thing. And as far as tattoos are concerned it's a relatively short-lived thing. Inner lip tattoos, by virtue of the fact that cells that make up the lining of your mouth turnover quickly, don't last as long as ink in more traditional places.

If you're curious to give this placement a try, call around first, as many artists won't even do them. The risk of infection is high because mouths are grody and full of bacteria and the client wiggle/fidget/move factor is high because, well, that's not an easy place to ink.


Tongue Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tongue tattoo


Another one that may not last very long, tongue ink is subject to the ravages of all the things we use our tongues for and might fade as quickly as just a few weeks. Regarding pain, you'd think it would hurt like, a lot, but folks who've had it done say it's one of their least painful spots, so there's that.

Like inner lip ink, the risk of infection is increased because of gross mouth stuff, but keep up with your oral hygeine and you should be fine.


Eyeball Tattoos

  Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tattooed eyeballs aren't for the faint of heart!

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Whether it's a small design or full-color sclera (white part of the eyeball), eye tattoos are gaining in popularity, especially in the hardcore body modification scene, but are still unusual enough to garner a second, third, and fourth glance.

If you're into it, right on, but proceed with caution. Infection risk is high, and unlike, say,  an infected biceps piece, (which may result in some splotchy ink and scarring) an infected eyeball tattoo can leave you blind! Definitely do your research before you commit.


Pubis & Labia Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Cute, feminine pubis tattoo idea

Mostly outer labia and mons, pubic or "bikini area" ink is nothing new, but it *is* getting trendier. From kitty cats to crocodiles the artful crotch can be a fun addition to your ink arsenal. Just be sure to give it plenty of time to heal before you get back in the proverbial saddle.

Tattooed Palms

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tattooed palms are becoming more popular


The main thing to know about palm tattoos is that they hurt. A lot. More than almost anywhere else on your body. Because palms have about a zillion (rough estimate) nerve endings and are MADE for feeling things, you can bet you will feel the hell out of your palm tattoo being done.

Aside from the pain, recognize that palm tattoos will fade more quickly than regular back of the hand tattoos and other spots because of the nature of the skin on your palms. But if you're cool with that and you have a high pain threshold, give it a go!


Armpit Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tattooed armpits


You know your armpit. Some folks can't even be touched there without freaking out, while others can take the most brutal tickle torture. Everyone's threshold is different, but what doesn't change is that armpits are full of pain receptors, so even if you sit like a champ for an epic back piece, your armpit may throw you for a loop.

The armpit is a cool spot to get tattooed though; it's large enough for a detailed piece and has lots of potential, so if you can handle the pain, you could end up with something truly amazing.


Eyelid Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tattooed eyelids


Whether it's permanent makeup or something more alternative, eyelid tattoos are becoming more popular than ever. Obviously, the skin on the eyelid is extremely thin and one wrong twitch or blink can ruin your day, but what you may not realize is that a full penetration of the eyelid can also puncture your eyeball. Suboptimal!

Choose your tattooer carefully and make sure it's someone with experience in tattooing eyelids before you let them come at your eyeball with needles. Also, and this should go without saying, sit very, very, very still!


Tattooed Teeth

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Tooth tattoos

Medical Bag

This one is a little different from what you may be imagining. Your own real, biological tooth isn't getting tattooed. You have to get a crown or a cap and THAT gets tattooed, before it's placed into your mouth. So, it's basically getting a fancy, permanent art grill.


Ear Tattoos

Unusual Tattoo Placement Ideas: Ear tattoos compliment earrings and body jewelry

Tattoos on or around the ear can look amazing, and can be as minimal or as involved as you want. They're an interesting alternative to ear cuffs or other earrings, and are prefect for complimenting your jewelry. But fair warning, the vibrations have been known to cause headaches and dizziness. 


Tattooed Fingernails

Permanent makeup and body art: Try tattooed fingernails


If you're a fan of cool false nails but you want something a little more permanent, try getting your fingernails tattooes. A fun twist on nail art, nail tattoos are a temporary and fairly painless way to express yourself and try different art whenever the mood strikes you.

They only last as long as it takes your nails to grow out, so you're free to experiment!


Do you have tattoos in any of the places we've mentioned on this list? We'd LOVE to hear about your experiences - so let us know in the comments section!



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