Inspired By Witches: 9 Stunning Makeup Looks You'Ll Want to Try This Halloween

Inspired By Witches: 9 Stunning Makeup Looks You'Ll Want to Try This Halloween

Looking to re- vamp the classic witch costume for Halloween? Oh, have we got some makeup inspiration for you!

Get creative and go for an alternative twist on one of the staple Halloween costumes this year. Check out our top picks of modern-day witch makeup looks from Instagram beauty influencers and makeup artists below!

Eleanor Barnes

The first several pictures are from Eleanor Barnes, whose Instagram username is "snitchery". She took influence from the seven deadly sins and turned the concept into seven deadly witches. Here's a few that she's come up with so far!

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: 7 Deadly Sin Witches

Eleanor Barnes

This look is based on the sin, "lust". My favorite thing about this look is how El did her lipstick a pop of color in the center of the lip, faded out to black in the corners of the lips. Customize this look by wearing a bright colored wig, and match your eyeshadow to the center lip color.

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Eleanor Barnes

Eleanor Barnes

This look is based on "gluttony", or habitual greed. This look can be done simply with a single eyeshadow shade, and small round gems. Scatter gems in a symmetrical pattern on each side of your face, and adhere them to the skin with false eyelash glue.

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: 7 Deadly Sins Makeup

Eleanor Barnes

The "greed" look in this series is my favorite- while the black-covered fingers aren't the most practical thing, they add a lot to the costume and overall look, with pastel vibes giving an air of pagan easter festivals. Pair the dark black hues with a softer, pastel color within your eyeshadow, lip, or hair color for an unexpected combination. 

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Eleanor Barnes, 7 Deadly Sins Makeup

Eleanor Barnes

The "envy" look is based on greens and blues. One of my favorite things about this look is the space buns and glitter near the eyebrows- it adds an extraterrestrial feel to the makeup look.

Veronika Meier

The next artist we love is Veronika Meier, whose Instagram username is "_geheimnisvoll". Her looks have more of a gothic aesthetic, interspersed with bright pops of color for a dramatic effect.   

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Veronika Meier

Veronika Meier

I love this combination of the gray wig with colorful eyeshadow. Keep this look pale by using super- light foundation and a washed out color for your lips with a cool undertone. Use contrasting colors, like purple and yellow, as your eyeshadow colors. If you want to add an extra pop, go for colored contacts!

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Natural Gothic Makeup

Veronika Meier

You can probably tell by now that the hair is a big part of the costume- and one of my favorite aspects! I love this deep colored colored eyeshadow look- you can go a bit darker by wearing purple or black lipstick instead of a nude lip. Go for a gothic- infused look by rocking your piercings, or wear fake piercings! 

Samantha Ravndahl 

I've been following the Samantha Ravndahl for a few years now, and I have to say that both her creative and her day-to-day makeup looks are absolutely amazing! Check out this "Oujia Witch" inspired makeup.

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Samantha Ravndahl Ouija Witch

Samantha Ravndahl

The best thing about Halloween is you can be literally whatever you want and just put a title to it. This is one of my favorite Halloween looks of all time, and I love that there isn't any particular character it's modeled after. Take aspects of the classic Ouija board to base your makeup look on, and play around with your favorite colors for a unique eyeshadow look. And hey, draw an extra eye on your forehead if you're into that, too.

Natascha Pedersen

The next MUA is Natascha Pedersen. She's a super cool artist out of Nuuk, Greenland who posts a variety of colorful and costumey makeup looks.

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Natascha Pederson

Natasha Pedersen

This romantic warrior witch- inspired look is perfect for a last minute idea (and would be a great look for the festival season too). All you need is some pink and red eyeshadow, false lashes, and gold glitter to pull this off. Be sure to blend out your eyeshadow for a slightly messy look, and tousle/ tease your hair to give it a ragged look. 

Jade Deacon

The next look is perfect for those of you who are going for an "Elsa, but creepier" type of costume.

Witch-Inspired Makeup Looks: Jade Deacon

Jade Deacon

This "frozen witch" style makeup is perfectly tied together with the platinum hair and stick-on sparkles. While this makeup is pretty intense, you actually don't need a lot of product to achieve it. Pick up a thick white eyeliner pencil, deep colored blue eyeshadow, false lashes, and some craft store sequins or glitter. You can add some detail to this makeup by applying glitter over top of your eyeshadow, or on your top lip. Directly above your contour, add white hash marks for a frost-bitten effect!

Which is your favorite witch- inspired makeup look? Let us know in the comments below!

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