Inspired By: Cleopatra Of Egypt

Inspired By: Cleopatra Of Egypt

We’ve already taken a look at the life and legend of Cleopatra: whose legacy lives on in art and literature of Western culture, with the likes of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and most famously in the 1963 film adaption starring the revered Elizabeth Taylor.

Cleopatra is commonly recognised as a legendary beauty and is synonymous with aesthetic and sex appeal: her influence of both beauty and intimates can be seen in some of our favourites among many available from Rebels Market:

Fantasy Egyptian Queen Necklace, from Bollywood Bazaar

statement gold neclace cleopatra

This statement gold necklace just exudes luxury: the gold and large stones were often used in Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman style to display wealth and status. Cleopatra was often dripping with gold; and this necklace is homage to the Queen herself. 

Snake Ear Cuffs, from Skulls and Skellies

snake ear cuff

The asp is most famous for its role in the suicide of Cleopatra. There were several venomous snakes living in the Nile region at the time of Cleopatra’s life and death: and according to legend, she tested various poisons on people and animals as entertainment before concluding the bite of an asp to be both fatal but also peaceful, without pain. The snake ear cuff from Skulls and Skellies combines both legend and style of Cleopatra using gold or antique silver/brass to make a delicate and beautiful snake which appears to entwine with the ear.

Niche Perfumes, from Bud Parfums

indulgent perfumes

Ancient cultures used perfumes in religious rituals, often soaked fragrant woods in oils to perfume homes, and rubbed their bodies with perfumed liquids. The most common scents included cinnamon and spices, thought by modern sciences to act as an aphrodisiac. Cleopatra’s chambers and bed were filled with perfumes – burning incenses and oils to anoint her body with fragrances. You can enjoy this same indulgence with one of 28 different fragrances available from Bud Parfums.

Black Liquid Eyeliner, from Rachel’s Graveyard

gothic black liquid eyeliner

There are a handful of women in history whose style of beauty and application of makeup has become iconic: Cleopatra is one of them, and black liquid eyeliner totally makes the look. Cleopatra is regarded as the “foremother” of the winged eye, a style which remains fashionable through the ages – giving a sexy and smouldering look like the seductress herself. Get the look thanks to this black liquid eyeliner from Rachel's Graveyard.

Sparkly Bronze Eyeshadow, from Medusa’s Makeup

mineral makeup eyeshadow

Cleopatra also paved the way for a popular contemporary trend: mineral cosmetics. In Ancient Egypt from as early as 10,000 BC, eyeshadows were used by men and women to accentuate the eye.  Primarily made of kohl from burnt almonds, copper, ash and ochre – eyeshadow was an integral part of Cleopatra’s beauty regime, and one of the key factors in her iconic style.  She used shadows over the whole eye, from brow to lid, to define and accentuate her features in a style similar to the modern-day smoky eye. This eyeshadow from Medusa’s Makeup takes all the effort out of Cleopatra’s mineral makeup, by giving you a natural pressed smooth palette.

Eyeliner Tattoos, from Eye Rock/Lady K’s

Cleopatra eyeliner tattoos

If like me, your hands are a tad shaky when it comes to liquid eyeliner; this is the perfect product to achieve that Cleopatra look! Made with a light adhesive, these temporary eye tattoos sit on the lid just along the lash line and give an effortless and flawless defined look in her iconic winged eye style!

Cleopatra Head Chain, from Bollywood Bazaar           

cleopatra headdress bollywood bazaare

This is perfect as an addition to your Cleopatra bronzed eye! The headdress is an original hand-made piece from vibrant gold metal base. Intricately detailed, this head chain evokes a sense of wealth and luxury: such as Cleopatra was custom to.

Mila Luxury Gold Sequin Bodice, from La Lilouche

cleopatra lace bodice sexy

Cleopatra would be nothing without her seductress style! And what seductress is complete without her sexy lingerie? This bodysuit is made of soft sheer black mesh and the fabric panel of sequins changes its colour from black to gold. Smooth satin straps wrap around the neck and meet an oversized gold ring at the back of the brief.  This suit pays tribute to the golden style of Cleopatra while also being totally sexy!

Floral Lace Robe, from Cherry Bomb Couture

lace gown

This black lace charmeuse cut babydoll robe evokes both beauty and sensuality, and encapsulates the legendary sex appeal of Cleopatra. Modestly understated, this robe is perfect for any seductresses’ collection.

Trenchmouth Loose Pigment, from Rogue Republic Cosmetics

loose pigment makeup

True mineral products like Cleopatra used were preservative free, and often contained mica, titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Trenchmouth by Rogue Republics is made of these and is completely vegan and cruelty free! This pigment can be used in various forms – following Cleopatra’s style of rogued cheeks and stained lips, this pigment can be applied dry and becomes a bold orange-red undertoned burgundy when wet or added with gloss.

When you think of Cleopatra and her iconic style, what comes to mind?