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How To: The 2014 Fall-Winter Dark Color Style

How To: The 2014 Fall-Winter Dark Color Style

When the breeze blows harder and leaves begin falling off the branches, fashion lovers and trendsetters begin anticipating the latest Autumn-Winter Trends from their favorite famous designers. Following the rise of dark fantasy vampire themed books, movies and TV series, trends have now moved to the darker couture. Whether it’s on the runway, iconic fashion houses or editorials, dark colors have become an annual trend whenever there’s a change in season. These breath-taking and stunning pieces are now being celebrated by several edgy clothing stores  and cosmetic companies producing darker hues and palettes which give rise to this neo-goth trend.

With a combination of glam goth, punk, grunge and gothic rock style, powerful fashion houses like Chanel, YSL, Gucci, Versace, Valentino, Dolge & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Anteprima and designers like Meadham Kirchhoff, Michael Van Der Ham, Monique Lhuillier, Elie Saab and Emilio Pucci have all embraced the morbid yet edgy style. The have reinvented the style by adding femininity and romance to their evening dresses.

What is the Dark Fall Trend?

This Dark tend is based on darker hues like burgundy, bloody red, dark purple, emerald green, gothic charcoal and midnight blue, with Noir being the best color of all.  With incredible beadwork, layers of different textures of fabrics made from velvet, chiffon, lace, silk, and even leather will be included. Those carefully cut and sewn flowy dresses create sultry silhouette which gives off and sets up a romantic-gothic mood and appearance.


When Gucci went goth for their A/W 2012-2013 created by Frida Giannini, it was said to be the most successful take on Dark Romance Style. They gave fashion enthusiasts a run for their money with celebrities going gaga for their wonderfully designed pieces. Others follow suit with many aspiring designers, fashion icons and lovers lusting over the whole collection. Alexander Mcqueen has also made its mark by being a pioneer for the creative dark and monstrous designs. Namely the evening dress. it is eerie yet glamorous, perfect for the goth fashion lover

Get the Dark Fall 2014 Look

To look good in this gothic styles, there are several approaches for mixing and matching your look using cool feminine clothing and edgy accessories. I’ve compiled 4 simple tips from the best dressed dark fashion experts for you to achieve this look this Fall:

1. Hair & Make-up

Just like fashion, hair and make-up changes with the trend and seasons.  Make-up artist Pat McGrath has been at the runways doing make-up with different models and different  fashion houses, from dark to natural make-up.

Some tips to follow to achieve sexy make-up are;

a) Create smokey eyes by using a burgundy wine color eyeshadow with a dab of dark purple, plum or copper. Simplify the look by having bare lips. Add a simple gloss.

b) If you want the focus on the lips there are different variations to ombre lips. First take is when dark edges turns to a lighter center, second take is the bright red edges and a dark berry center which is perfect for vampy look.

c) You only need two lipsticks, one deep red and one bright bright red. You can also use black eyeliner at the center, or at the outer edges to create a black cherry finish.

d) To avoid overly sharp eyes, leave the eyelashes bare. Skip eyeliners. Bleaching the eyebrows is optional. If that not your style, a blonde eyebrow mascara will do the trick.

e) For the hair, you don’t need to dye it black. Just style it into brush up, go for soft curls, tousled hair, or cute bun; as long as it looks sleek then it’s sexy.


2. Nails

Go for darker shades but don’t just stick to reds and black. 

You can try plums and jewel tones, chocolate-y browns, moss greens, midnight blues, mulberry and wine shades.

3. Outfit

Be it baby doll, a flowing floor length dress or a jumpsuit type, it really depends on whatever you are comfortable with. Although there are so many beautiful pieces from expensive designers, there are cheaper ones and make sure you’ll do your research first. If there’s a particular style or design that you like you can also have it custom made from a couturier. You can give him or her a sketch or a picture of the particular dress that you like.


4. Shoes

High heels, flats, wedges, ankle boots, peep toes or stilettos, those with studs, spikes, suedes, leather or lace, it depends on your preference or if it matches your outfit perfectly then go for it. There are expensive ones from designers like Valentino, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, YSL, Christian Louboutin and Gucci, but then you can also find the same dupes from Forever 21. and other streetwear brands.There are cheaper brands with better styles, don't just stick to the idea that if it’s branded then it’s the best from the market.


If you would ask me, I have two fave celebs that wears dark romance inspired dresses perfectly. With their pale skin and beautifully dyed hair, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart can pull them off perfectly. They can even match it well with their make-up, nails to shoes.

The downside of having this trendy creation is that it’s too pricey, considering those layers of fine silk, chiffon and lace together with the intricacies and embellishments. It takes too much time for a certain designer to finish one dress. Be prepared to shell out moolah and be patient while waiting for it to be finished.


L-R: Rihanna in Stella Mccartney, Cara Delevingne in Burberry, Jennifer lopez in Zuhair Murad, Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad, Amy Adams in Elie Saab, Emma Stone in Gucci Fall 2012 Collection

How do you like this romantic yet morbid Autumn/Fall trend? Do you think the designers really did make the right move in embracing the goth subculture and make it wearable and glamorous? Would you wear this in a gathering or special occasion? If you would ask me, HELL YES!

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.


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