How To Dress If You Are A Leo

How To Dress If You Are A Leo

If you're a Leo, you're not likely to follow what everyone else is wearing- you're the leader of the pack! The weather is heating up and it's allllmost your birthday, so if you're in serious SOS mode about what to wear for your party, we've got your back. Read up on our tips to match your outgoing personality through bold colors, eye- catching prints, and unique silhouettes for outfits that you will feel yourself in!

Animal Print

Collage Vintage

Tune into your wild side with animal prints such as zebra stripes and cheetah spots at any time of year. If you're into DIY projects, pick up some fabric paint to draw on your favorite spots and stripes to clothing that's already a part of your wardrobe. Painting tiger stripes on your pants pockets or dotting leopard spots around your t-shirt collar are just a couple examples of making something completely original that you can flaunt to your friends. To put together an eccentric outfit like a pro, mix a small, delicate detail like mesh with a bold, large print. Layer gold accessories and fur embellishments to tie your outfit together for a chic statement any day. 

Bold Patterns and Colors 


With the sun as your element and the lion being your zodiac symbol, you're drawn to warm tones like yellow, orange, and gold- and you're certainly not afraid to rock bold patterns, either. Since your birthday is during the summer, it's the perfect opportunity to wear these bright colors and instantly make any mood sunnier. Venture out of the box (and most other people's comfort zones) by rocking hot red, bursting orange, and shimmering gold. Try to mix in fun details like leopard print, zig zag stripes, and color blocking for a look just as distinct as you are!

Splurge for Exclusivity

Your zodiac sign is anything but typical, so don't settle for less. Give yourself permission to spend a little more on a piece that is exclusive and can fit into different outfits that you already have hanging in your closet. Sometimes, it's okay to splurge on clothing and accessories that aren't accessible to everybody else. A designer leather jacket or that one- of- a- kind necklace you've been eyeing are good investments if you'll get good use out of them. If you're not a fan of spending a lot of money on yourself, keep watch for sales or treat yourself for a birthday, graduation, or other important event or holiday. 



A great way to make your look different from anyone else on the street (and to not spend loads of money) is to accessorize! Even a simple white tee and jeans can be dressed up with statement jewelry, a colorful scarf, and an awesome handbag. Layer chunky bangles, metallic chain necklaces, and cool rings for an outfit that is truly unique. Accessories are pretty much a gift from the fashion gods, so use them to your fullest advantage! 

Do our tips match your Leo sense of style? Let us know in the comments below!

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