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How to Dress For Your First Dinner Date

How to Dress For Your First Dinner Date

We’ve all been there, playing the game of Russian roulette while dating can be an intimidating numbers game. Just like any other game, you have to play it just right to put your best foot forward in hopes to intrigue the person you’re pursuing. You may feel like you’re floundering when trying to choose that perfect outfit, but there’s no need to stress. Choosing a look that will impress is much easier than it may seem.

Dress to impress

Whether you’re a woman or a man dressing to impress, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready for your first dinner date with that person you’ve had your eyes on ever since he or she smiled in line while you were grabbing your morning coffee.

The first thing anyone needs to remember is to dress to the occasion. Remember to keep the restaurant in mind.

1. Dressing for a low key restaurant:

Jeans are a great and easy way to make sure you stay comfortable. Make sure that the jeans you choose are nicer than your lounge-around pair.

A flirty tank top or a nice T-shirt will suit this occasion. Make sure to keep any stains or non-intentional holes in your drawer at home while on your first date.

A skirt paired with a retro cardigan sweater or a pair of slacks with a sexy top would also work in this scenario.

Bright colors elevate casual styles.
Bright colors elevate casual styles. Shop here

2. Dressing for a classy restaurant:

That little black dress is certainly home in this environment. Pairing it with some of your favorite accessories, a messy up-do and strappy heels or flats will ensure that you’re dressed to impress.

This is also the time when a man should brush off his suit and rock an interesting tie, a vest; or at very least, a dress shirt and a nicer pair of slacks. 

No matter which environment you’re in, try to steer clear of shorts unless it’s a super casual atmosphere such as at the beach or a restaurant with a pool. If the summer heat is getting to you, shoot for a skirt, sassy sundress, or a nicer pair of relaxed jeans.

Rockabilly Dresses
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3. Choosing the best footwear for your dinner date:

This one is a little more difficult because you’re going to have to also think about any after-dinner activities you’re going to participate in.

Choose footwear that you’re comfortable in. If you’re not able to walk in heels; go for a pair of cute flats or ankle boots. The same goes for dress shoes for men. If they’re not comfortable, find something else.

Sneakers are appropriate on casual dates so long as they’re clean and free of holes.

Try to match your outfit as best you can to ensure that it’s cohesive. Your shoes are definitely an accessory that you shouldn’t skimp on.      

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4. Be uniquely you!

Being unique is a great way to ensure that you’re stuck in your date’s mind. Find something that not only makes you stand out, but, screams “you”. Even if that’s a studded belt cinching the waist of your little black dress, sparkly heels, or bright colors, a bow tie as opposed to a neck tie to help make you stand out. Of course, all of this should be done in moderation, to ensure that the whole outfit plays off of each element.

Be yourself

5. Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

Any outfit can look incomplete without a little extra to take it from a “7" to a “10". Some examples of the accessories that you can use to liven up your outfit are:

Watches: While many people are now using other technology to tell the time, a time piece will be much less offensive than pulling out your cell phone to check the time. Not only does it provide a way to ensure you make it to your movie on time after dinner, it can be a bold statement piece that ties your outfit together as well.

Steampunk Watches
A timepiece can be an interesting conversation starter. Find more here

Necklaces: Tasteful necklaces can help to liven up an outfit. Whether it is a chunky choker to draw the eye toward the throat and face, or a sassy waterfall necklace that will lengthen the line of the chest and neck. Necklaces are extra fun when you pair them with complementary earrings or bracelets.

A statement necklaces makes a great conversation piece!
Statement necklaces can be dressed up or down. Find more here

Belts and other waist accessories: Not only do they function, they can help to create lean and long lines on any torso. For women, adding a colorful corset can help accentuate your natural curves. And as a man, a leather belt will help to elevate your outfit, making it less boring and far more aesthetically pleasing.

Corsets add a fun twist to a standard outfit.
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Of course the most important part of dressing for your first dinner date is to let your true self shine through. If you like something a little edgier, don’t forget to push that through even on the most elaborate of dates.

Do you have a favorite first date outfit? Leave your feedback below!

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