Hate the Heat? Choose Summer Fun Without the Sun!

Hate the Heat? Choose Summer Fun Without the Sun!

There are some people who count down the days until winter and spring have passed and summer offically begins because they cannot wait to get out in the sun. They spend the cold days of winter wrapped up in blankets while they fantasize about lounging on the beach or hiking through the mountains in the bright summer sunlight.

Then there are the rest of us, forced to spend our summer days desperately searching for a shady spot to put our lawn chair while we slather on sunblock and insect repellent, praying that this summer won't be as hot as the last one.

If you are one of the people who spends their summer thinking that being a vampire wouldn't be so bad as long as it keeps you out of the scorching heat don't worry, with a little ingenuity you can still enjoy yourself between now and October. There are lots of ways you can have a thrilling summer without risking painful sunburns and heat exhaustion.

Staying Indoors - Museums, Movie Theaters, and More

Indoor entertainment for summer


If you want to get out of the house this summer without spending too much time in the sun you might consider some of the many fantastic indoor entertainment options available. Pretty much every business from shopping malls to movie theaters will have air conditioning that is turned up so high you'll need to bring a sweater with you while you are there, making a trip to your local mall far more pleasant than you might imagine.

If you are specifically looking to be entertained for a couple of hours you can't go wrong with a movie, but don't waste your trip by catching a late show. Schedule your movie-going activities for the hottest part of the day to keep yourself cool and refreshed on those sticky summer afternoons. If you catch the early showings you might even get a discounted matinee rate, saving you money and keeping you cool at the same time.

Natural History Museum is  great summer activity

Museums are another fantastic indoor activity to keep you busy during the summer. Families and science afficionados might want to head to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City while people searching for an experience that is more eerie than educational would do well to visit Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. Walk around for a while and learn something new while you get out of the heat!

There is no end to the number of things you can do indoors this summer. Whether you decide to take in a stage show, camp out in the corner of your local library, or volunteer to help at your local food pantry the odds are good you can find something to do in an air-conditioned space this summer.

Those Summer Nights - Swimming, Stargazing, and More

Summer nights


If you want to spend some time outside without overheating this summer you might aim to be under the stars rather than under a layer of sunblock. Not only are the stars on any given night gorgeous all on their own, but if you time it right you might be able to catch the Perseid meteor shower in August. The evenings are generally cooler and you are definitely safe from sun damage if you decide to spend more of your summer with a telescope in your hand than a beach ball.

Nighttime isn't just for stargazing though. In many cities you can find live shows, concerts, and outdoor movies to keep you busy in the evenings all summer long. There are also a ton of things from swimming to mini-golf that you can do at night just as easily as you can during the day. If you're lucky enough to be on the west coast you might even want to check out the Grunion Run on the beach under the full moon for a unique experience you can't get anywhere else.

Indoor Versions of Outdoor Stuff

Indoor activities for summer


If you just can't fathom going an entire summer without riding a roller coaster or a going down a water slide you're in luck because there are a few parks that were designed with you in mind. The Mall of America has a fantastic amusement park with all of your favorite Nickelodeon characters that is all completely indoors. You might even be able to see the food court from the top of the Ferris wheel! Families with children might want to visit Legoland in Boston or Adventuredome in Las Vegas for an excellent indoor amusement park experience.

if a water park is more your style consider taking a trip to one of the many Great Wolf Lodge locations around the country, giving you the opportunity to be under water and under a roof at the same time. You might also consider visiting one of the Kalahari water parks or the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge for even more amazing indoor water park experiences.


If you want to visit a zoo without having to spend an entire day outdoors you can head to the Biodome in Montreal. Housed in a building originally designed for the 1976 Olympic games, the zoo is sorted by ecosystem, giving it a totally different feel from a standard zoo experience. You have plenty of time to plan you trip to Montreal though - the Biodome is closed for extensive renovations until 2019.

There is no end to the number of ways to keep yourself blissfully cool this summer. What are your favorite ways to stay out of the heat?

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