Give Thanks For These Tasty Drinks

Give Thanks For These Tasty Drinks

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a football game, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and a meal so big you can practically hear the table groaning under the weight of it all-Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday.

For some of us, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones that we don't see much throughout the year. For others, Thanksgiving is when we are forced to spend time with the family that we successfully avoid throughout the rest of the year. Either way, a delicious boozy beverage would be a welcome addition to the annual festivities!

Whether you're hosting your first Thanksgiving, or you're a seasoned vet when it comes to party planning - delicious drinks will most certainly be on the menu. And no matter if you are looking for something that feels like fall or something a little more Goth, you will find a delicious drink to meet your needs on the list below. 

The Morticia Addams Cocktail

Alternative Thanksgiving Cocktails: The Morticia Addams Cocktail

If you are looking for something a little on the Goth side of things you can't go wrong with the Morticia Addams cocktail from She Keeps a Lovely Home. Made with dry sake, Sorel liqueur, and hard cider, this will add a delicious twist to your holiday celebration. Best of all, because the drink doesn't "look" Goth you'll be able to pour one for yourself without having to get the stink-eye from your aunt who wishes you would wear something with a little more color.

Cranberry Lime Mojitos
Cranberry Lime Mojitos

If you love the traditional cranberries that go along with Thanksgiving then you'll adore this cranberry lime mojito from Certified Pasty Aficionado. This one takes a little bit of effort and a handful of ingredients including rum, sugar, lime juice, cranberries, mint, etc. but the end result is a deliciously adult punch that you'll want to make all year round. Not as simple as a rum and coke, but infinitely tastier and much more festive!

White Pumpkin Cocktail

Tasty Alternative Thanksgiving Cocktails: White Pumpkin Cocktail

If you want a drink that simply screams Thanksgiving, you'll want to pour a few of these white pumpkin cocktails - andother great creation by Genevieve over at She Keeps a Lovely Home. This combination of rum, almond milk, honey, and pumpkin spices allows you to make the perfect holiday drink ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator, letting you focus on the turkey (and/or the football game) instead of playing bartender this year. This is also an excellent choice for people serving drinks on a white tablecloth or over carpet, as the color will prevent it from staining if it is spilled.

Spiced Apple Prosecco

Edgy Cocktails: Spiced Apple Prosecco

With a simple combination of rum, apple cider, and sparkling wine, it doesn't get much easier than this spiced apple prosecco from Self Proclaimed Foodie. If you are looking forward to the pumpkin pie but otherwise think the whole pumpkin thing is overdone this time of year, you'll love this fall tasty alternative to pumpkin spice. The other great thing about this particular spirit is that it is super easy to mix together some apple cider and ginger ale to create a virgin version of this for any children or non-drinkers in the group, letting them take part in the fun of a festive fall drink without the alcohol content.

Blood Red Rum Punch

Thanksgiving Cocktails with Bite: Blood Red Rum Punch

If you're seething about being forced to spend the holiday with people you hate, this is a drink that will let you pretend you are drinking the blood of your enemies, giving you an especially Goth way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. This blood red rum punch from Cooking In Stilettos is made with an artificial sweetener, allowing you to save some calories for an extra slice of pie after dinner. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a beverage that looks like you should probably have fangs to drink it properly.

Cranberry Cheesecake Martini

Thanksgiving: Cranberry Cheesecake Martini

If you are looking for an after dinner drink that can substitute for a dessert this year look no further than the cranberry cheesecake martini on Who Needs a Cape. Thick, rich, and deliciously decadent, this drink will make you wonder why everyone is wasting their time eating all that pie! You'll love the creamy texture and delicious cranberry flavor of this drink that manages to answer the question, "What would I serve if James Bond were coming over for Thanksgiving this year?"

Apple Cider Bellini

Apple Cider Bellini

There is a reason everyone loves bellinis - they are the best of the sweet, sparkly mixed drinks, and this apple cider bellini from Crazy for Crust is no exception. You'll need some apple cider and an apple flavored vodka of your choice, as well as your favorite sparkling wine. This drink is so good it might even distract your family from talking about politics this year! Or, if not, at least it will look pretty in a champagne flute while everybody yells at each other.

Blackberry Raven Cocktail

Blackberry Raven Cocktail

If you are looking at your beverage options this year and you feel like you could use an homage to Edgar Allen Poe you'll definitely want to try this blackberry raven cocktail (yes, it's from Genevieve again!) This drink is a little bit complex, but if you are looking to honor Poe were you really expecting anything less? A combination of Lambusco, sake, Chambord, lychee juice and a squeeze of fresh lemon make this a deliciously dark drink to help you hold onto your Goth side during the big game this year.

Serving a few delicious drinks is sure to make your Thanksgiving this year a memorable one!

What are some of your favorite drinks to serve at Thanksgiving?

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