FX Is Heading Back To Sons Of Anarchy Territory

FX Is Heading Back To Sons Of Anarchy Territory

Fans have been begging for more SAMCRO since the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. FX has long teased a prequel to the show, focusing on members of the Redwood Originals.

FX SAMCRO Redwood Originals Sons of Anarchy


Today, TVLine confirmed FX and Kurt Sutter are finally developing a spin off to the popular series, but the focus is not what fans have expected. In what could be described as a plot twist before the plot is even developed, it was announced Sutter is currently creating a show which will focus on the Mayans, a Hispanic motorcycle club based in Oakland.

The Mayans have a long history dealing with SAMCRO but it is uncertain at this time if, or how, everyone's favorite MC will be involved with the new series.


FX prepares a Sons of Anarchy spin off featuring the Mayans MC


Were you a fan of Sons of Anarchy? Leave your predictions for the new show in the comments below!

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