27 Ways to Style Graphic Tees And Look Chic

27 Ways to Style Graphic Tees And Look Chic

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Graphic T-shirts have been a staple in both men’s and women’s closets for years, but, sometimes you  may want something a little more from your t-shirts than what you think you’re able to get out of them. Chances are, if you’re a woman, you’re not going to wear a graphic T-shirt to a date, but I am here to tell you that there are several ways for you to style graphic T-shirts and still look chic and date-ready.

  1. Pair a graphic T-shirt with a boldly printed skirt. This also works well with graphic tank tops.
  2. Pair your favorite graphic T-shirt with colorful slacks and a neutral blazer over the top. This creates a clean and polished look.
  3. Combine the two above looks by layering a graphic T-shirt, jean jacket, and a printed skirt. Remember, the colors should be complimentary.
  4. Wear an over-sized T-shirt as a dress. Cinch the waist with a belt and throw on some leggings underneath.
  5. Layer a graphic T-shirt over a long sleeved maxi dress for added drama.
  6. The cut-up look with graphic T-shirts is a fun and flirty way to re-design the overall look and feel. Cut the back and create inter-woven designs with the fabric.

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  1. Create fringe at the base of your graphic T-shirts by cutting vertical lines across the lower hem or sleeves of your T-shirt. Pair this look with a skirt, slacks, or shorts for a flirty and chic look.
  2. Pair a cut-off graphic T-shirt with high waisted jeans.
  3. Layer your over-sized graphic T-shirt over a tank top and let the arms sag around your shoulders. This provides an interesting shoulder-exposing look.
  4. Wear your over-sized neckline graphic T-shirts slung over one shoulder. Allow one side to sag to mid-upper arm and pair it with a longer skirt for a chic look.
  5. Pair a well-fitting graphic T-shirt with shorts and a half-sleeve sweater for a flirty and put together look.
  6. Go with the grunge by pairing your graphic T-shirt with flannel.
  7. If you want a simple way to dress up your jeans and graphic T-shirt, throw on some flirty heels and fun accessories.
  8. Wear your graphic T-shirt with a mid-length flowing skirt to soften the look.
  9. Wear your graphic T-shirt over a long button up-top and tie the t-shirt at the hip. Pair this look with a pencil skirt and you’ve got a chic look.
  10. Add studs or spikes to the hem of your graphic T-shirt for some added flair. You can pair this with jewelry or shoes with the same treatment.
  11. Layer a leather or jean vest over your graphic T-shirt. Pair them with your favorite jeans or skirt for a casual chic look.
  12. If you want a look that has a bit more of a hard edge to it, pair your graphic T-shirt with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a leather jacket.
  13. Combine a long-sleeved graphic T and a collared shirt for a chic yet fun look.

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  1. Accessories such as over-sized scarves can take your graphic t-shirt to a whole new level by adding some visual interest.
  2. Create a flowing look by cutting the sides out of your graphic T-shirt, leaving both the shoulder and lower hem-line intact. Throw on a tank top underneath and you have a fun summer chic look.
  3. Accessorize your outfit with like-colored jewelry and bags.
  4. Pair your t-shirt with your favorite summer and spring head-wear such as hats or headbands.
  5. Make sure you’re picking graphic T-shirts that aren’t too busy looking. The busier the shirt, the more you’ll have to do to quiet the chaos with your outfit.
  6. Pair bold graphic T-shirts with a monochromatic look for a bigger punch.
  7. Wear chunky jewelry that will hit you mid-chest, without breaking up the design of the actual T-shirt.
  8. Change the shape of your T-shirt by tucking one side in and letting the other hang out loosely, or use a belt to alter the shape as well.